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MDGCS began in 1988 as a computer consulting firm specializing in database design, computer network consultation & support, and corporate mail server consulting & services support for small business and large corporate customers in the Chicago metropolitan area. 

In 1989, MDG released their first commercial program called NetUpdater - which was a tool for network administrators to be able to install files and updates on a network of computers from a single location. In 1999, a custom developed eCommerce program was sold that allowed customers to sell their products on the internet.

In 2004, the company switched to focus on mobile broadband.

3Gstore.com has become the premier online reseller for 3G/4G products and services.  3Gstore has close relationships not only with their customers, but with their vendors as well.  3Gstore.com also provides technical support for all the products that are sold.

Since 2006, MDG has been developing a custom fulfillment backend that has been fine tuned for every aspect from shipping, accounting, fulfillment, tracking, inventory management and customer service.  Starting in 2013, MDG has started providing fulfillment services.

Michael Ginsberg Bio


Michael Ginsberg got hooked on tech when he was 15 years old.  He wrote articles for computer magazines while 19.  In his early 20’s he was a consultant that donated his time to help people world wide wide with their specific technical questions.  During his early 20’s he sold computers are a few different computer stores and did consulting for many of this customers in the evenings and weekends.  On his 25th birthday (1988), MDG Computer Services, Inc was formed and he primarily developed custom software to help small/medium/large businesses better manage their business.

Around 1995, Michael developed software that merged a database and web server into a single program, this program was called Web Server 4D (or WS4D).  In 1998, this software program become WS4D/eCommerce which was one of the first programs that allowed companies to publish and sell products directly on the internet.

In 2005, Michael focused his efforts on mobile broadband and took his ecommerce experience to launch 3Gstore.com.  During that year, 3Gstore.com started growing and he started hiring employees and outgrew his house.

In 2013, 3Gstore.com continues to grow year after year with a projected 20% revenue growth for this year.

Over the years, 3Gstore has received many customer support awards, which include awards from StellaService for outstanding customer service.  3Gstore.com has featured as a case study in how to properly support customers in Seth Godin’s book “Meatball Sundae”. 

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