Perhaps you are already doing your own eCommerce, but you just want to benefit from some of the tools that MDG has developed.  We can help.

We have developed FedEx billing and auditing systems that can automatically flag orders that are not delivered on time, so that credits can be filed instantly.  We have tools that analyze your weekly FedEx/UPS bills and within seconds can find shipments that had incorrect weights, double shipments, unauthorized use of your account and much more.

Many eCommerce sites have acceptable fraud limits.  At MDG, our acceptable fraud limit is ZERO.  Over the years we have developed fraud tools that take into account 50 different variables and comes up with a simple one or two thumb down rating system that any shippment department can understand.

Don't want us to do the fulfilling for you?  Consult with us and we can customize our backend to work with your existing shipping department.

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