Our eCommerce portal is all about being efficient, smart and proactive with your customers, purchasing, shipping and employees.   


  • Fraud Control
  • Custom Pricing Per Customer
  • Quote with Auto Followup
  • Handles Preorders and Notifications of New Products (out of stock products)
  • Customer Reviews (encourages via email a few weeks after purchase)
  • SEO - publish to search engines, including Google Shopping
  • FedEx Support (soon UPS).  Email notification on shipping and delivery
  • Current shipping status integrated with customer's screen - no need for employees to lookup status at FedEx.
  • Automatically finding the late packages and filing credits
  • Trending Reports - very easy to see what is selling and what isn’t
  • Sales/Profits/Inventory/RMAs/Shipping Charges by Manuf & Product Type
  • Purchasing (sends PDFs to vendors)
  • Customer Terms (online credit app, accept PO on checkout, email notifications when invoices due, tracking if customer opens email notifications)
  • Accounting Backend integration (many already completed)
  • Mobile friendly
  • (including CIM and recurring billing), Paypal, Paypal Pro, Google Wallet
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Offers and Prevention
  • Ebay Integration
  • Amazon Integration
  • Google Trusted Store Support & Stella Service
  • Integreated Help Desk (Customers sending email, creates ticket).  Integrated with orders - easy to see open ticket before shipping order
  • Help Desk offers live 2 way integration with Twitter (Mentions and DM) and FaceBook (wall posts and messages).  No need to log into Twitter or FaceBook, have your whole team reply.
  • Support Portal (create PDFs, Videos and manufacturer info and deliver to your customer 24/7 - helps cut down on inbound support calls
  • Track Support calls (which products are costing you the most time in support?)
  • Reports (Vendor POS, Product Audit History, RMA Report, Shipping Report by hour, Period Sales Report, Customer Search Log, URL Referral Report, Sales by Account Manager and many more
  • Time Delayed Price Changes and/or Description Changes
  • Customer history (number of orders, tickets, quotes, returns) when looking at customers
  • Integration with Google Maps to see delivery location
  • Create Grouped Bundles
  • Suggeset Sell for each itme
  • Listing of optional items or accessories for each item
  • intelligent search box (prefills as you type)
  • Fully PCI Compliant

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