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Leading IoT solution provider improving experience and revenues by taking users and repair engineers out of the equation and making 100% uptime easy.  Products are perfect for IT professionals and residential settings, as well.

Crystal Lake, IL – July 9, 2019 –, the leading provider of wireless and cellular products and services that help companies run more successful businesses, today announced that the company’s customers are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in manhours and costly downtime by implementing one, or more, of the 5Gstore Remote IP Power Switches, which come in both single and dual outlet configurations.

“The dual outlet switch from 5Gstore has definitely improved uptime and reliability across all our locations for equipment malfunctions, uptime, energy usage, billing, and more,” says Daniel Scharfman, Real Estate Manager, Beachlane Management.  “In addition to the great functionality and ease-of-use, the cost savings are significant, as well.  The true cost goes well beyond the solution if our customers can’t process transactions and the subsequent loss of productivity.  And to be honest, the real truth is that we would have a lot more phone calls to answer and much higher level of technician stops without this product.”  

Beachlane Management has hundreds of 5Gstore Remote Dual Power Switches deployed across the United States.

“95% of the time when a connection goes down it simply requires a flip of a switch to get the network or router back up and running,” says Michael Ginsberg, President of 5Gstore.  “And for kiosk operators, ATM vendors, video surveillance companies, and other applications where connectivity controls revenue; uptime is of utmost importance.  And that is what our unique IP switches do.  They ensure that our customers never experience downtime and enjoy the resulting benefits.”

The 5Gstore IP Switches allow users to monitor their network’s connection status at anytime from anywhere in the world.  The switches connect to a router, or any number of routers across a network, and are designed to consistently monitor if a network connection is online.  If they notice an interruption in connectivity, the switches automatically reboot any, and all, connected pieces of equipment.  This process can also be set up to be managed on-demand or on a customized schedule. 

Users can also remotely turn on, turn off, or reset the switch via the 5Gstore Android/iOS App or cloud management site, making it an easy tool for remotely managing equipment.

Ginsberg continues, “Remote reboot switches are also ideal for home users who periodically have to manually power-cycle their router to regain Internet connectivity, as well as IT professionals who need to automatically or remotely reset devices,”  “In addition to resetting networks and devices, customers can use the 5Gstore Single Outlet IP Switch to create an automatic power schedule for their network, or to prevent their connection from timing out or going dormant.”

The Dual Outlet switch offers a greater degree of customization.  There are more settings that can be configured, as well as timing for how often the product reboots, how long it stays off, and when it comes back on. 

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