Guaranteed Timeliness and Accuracy – EVERY TIME!

MDG’s Onsite Installations Service guarantees timeliness, accuracy, and our industry-leading customer support and service – 24/7! MDG’s custom-designed automation system tracks each project and communicates with both the customer and the installer as soon as the order is placed and until the installation is complete.

The MDG installation process is all about consistent communication with each customer.  Our automated system provides live updates to both our installers and customers utilizing text messaging.  As an extra measure in preparation, MDG reaches out to its installers the night before each job with a video that details what they can expect during the next days’ install.


If that is not enough, MDG further ensures that every box is checked before, during, and after the installation.  For example, should the installer forget to make a test call on one of the devices being installed, when they go to check out the MDG Onsite Installation System will identify there is a missing device and remind them that they must be complete this step before they can check out.

It is these key components, and more, that sets MDG apart and ensure that every installation reaches completion without error or lack of customer awareness.

MDG Onsite Installations Ensure:

  • Timeliness
  • Accuracy
  • Consistent Communications
  • Live Progress Updates
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction!

Enjoy Guaranteed Accuracy And Top-Notch Communication With Every Job!