Site Search

There are many “Site Search” companies that will add pretty cool site searching on your web site.  The only problem is that they will charge you $1250 - $2000 PER MONTH and some of them will even try to charge you an additional “per click” fee.  

We have built a custom a custom site search from the ground up that gives an incredible customer experience for finding items on your site.

Site Search will also get smarter the more data it collects.  If customers are most interested in a specific item, that item will move its way to the top of the list - automatically.  Same with Search Suggestions, if customers are always clicking on a specific suggestion, it will move towards the top.

Site Search

Also includes the following features:

  • YOU own the search page, not farming it out to a 3rd party
  • SEO friendly search results (URL & Title & Description of results page)
  • Synomyns
  • Spelling corrections
  • Redirects to static pages
  • Tracks zero result searches
  • emails you nightly with search statistics, including results with zero results
  • Site map publishing of most popular search results page

Site Search is built into the MDG eCommerce platform but can be integrated within just about any ecommerce platform.   MDG offers consulting/programming services for integration with your platform.  No recurring fees to pay.

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