Since its inception in 1988, MDG has operated under the premise that IoT solutions and services do not have to be complex. By simplifying the complicated, MDG empowers the world’s leading companies to exceed their customers’ expectations, while simultaneously improving revenues and profits.  And through its innovative solutions and dedicated team, the company is also able to quickly and easily help each individual customer create solutions that serve as significant points of competitive differentiation and forge customer loyalty.  

  • Founded In 1988
  • Global Headquarters In Chicago, IL
  • Global Reach/Unlimited Scalability
  • More Than 135,000 Satisfied Customers And Growing Fast!
  • Industry Leader

    Industry Leader

    Top-notch customer services means staying two steps ahead of the competition.

  • White wooden signpost with four arrows - "honesty", "ethics", "respect", "integrity".

    Integrity And Honesty

    We take responsibility for what we do. We know our strengths and limitations. We respect our customers as priority number one.

  • Global Perspective

    Global Perspective

    No matter your location, MDG is always close by.

  • Portrait of business people with their hands together

    Together In Success

    With our customers’ success always front-of-mind, we put our best foot forward at every instance.

Our Mission

To create the best customer experience by taking the complexity out of IoT solutions, services, and fulfillment.


About Our Founder

Michael Ginsberg has served as CEO of MDG Connected Solutions since founding the company in 1988 and has overall responsibility for the company’s global strategy, organization, culture, and operations.  Under Mr. Ginsberg’s direction, the company has expanded globally to serve its growing list of market leading customers that rely on MDG to maximize the performance of their IoT solutions, services, and fulfillment.

Mr. Ginsberg also founded, a highly successful online retail company focused on the IoT hardware industry with over 135,000 customers that he still manages today.

In addition to his professional life, Michael likes to spend time in, and give back to, his community.  He is involved in several charitable organizations across the Chicagoland area.

Michael Ginsberg attended Northern Illinois University.

What I Like About Working At MDG

Maureen Wachter

In my decade-plus time with MDG, I've seen the company adapt to changing technologies, develop new products and services, and grow exponentially in both sales and scope. One thing that never changes, though, is the dedication everyone here has to each other and to our customers and partners. That is the driving force behind MDG's success and a big part of what makes working here so satisfying.

Maureen Wachter

E-Commerce & Partner Manager, 11 Years

Working with 5Gstore has been great, especially with the family-like atmosphere. Everything we do is focused on the customer experience and satisfaction. Expectations that start at the top with our CEO.

Corey Hindman

One Talk Channel Director, 1 Year 9 Months
Kevin Pfeifer,jpg

My career is with MDG because we put the customer first. Every decision we make is based on the simple question, 'Is this what is right for the customer?'

Kevin Pfeifer

Sales/Support Manager, 6 years 3 months

I love working for 5Gstore for a few reasons, but the biggest is being able to assist customers. I feel good knowing I'm helping to educate them on the many nuances of cellular Internet.

Valerie Pnakovich

Sales & Tech Support, 8 years

5Gstore/MDG Connected Solutions. has provided me with the opportunity to further my career, pursue my goals with my education and hobbies and most importantly does not require sacrificing time with my family. It is rare to find a company that allows a true work/life balance, and that is one of the many things that makes 5Gstore stand out.

Melanie Niemann

Office Manager, 3 years

I feel respected and valued for what I bring to 5gstore. The flexibility to attend to family matters if necessary and the encouragement to come up with my own ideas and to provide input to the team is very important to me.

Patrick Kline

Technical Support and Sales, 2.5 years

I started with the company back in the 3G days and it has been quite an adventure going from home solutions and USB modems to Enterprise clients with complex needs. The solutions we offer have gotten much more complex over the years and it has been exciting to see technology change and learn more about the wireless industry. It's never a dull moment and I look forward to the future as we continue to expand and offer new solutions along the way!

Matt Bauman

Business Development Manager, 8 years

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